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You just walked into your new classroom. Where should you begin? Learn the 9 classroom basics for creating a space where you will thrive all year long.

Congratulations… you are just hired. Welcome to your new classroom. The desks will be delivered later today until then, we will give you some time to get acquainted with your room and settled in.
You walk into the room. There is a few small shelves, some outdated paint, a few forgotten materials from the teacher before, and a layer of dust and dirt seems to cover everything. You have been given an hour to settle in. Where do you begin?

The Foundation

In order to build something great one must have a strong foundation. But what is the foundation of a strong classroom? The foundation is our set of 9 basics. These are the building blocks of that will set you up for success. You will revisit them each year of your career, tweak them, change them up… but the 9 will always remain the same. 

And what is a strong classroom? A strong classroom is one where both the student and teacher thrive. It is a room full of learning and growing.

.01 Color Schemes

Picking a color scheme will help you decide how to organize your room and will limit your purchases. There are some big do’s and don’t when making this decision. Read More… 

.02 Basic Supplies

With your color scheme picked out, you are ready to purchase the basic supplies that you will need to create a warm and inviting classroom for your students. Read More…

.03 Adding in Cute

Cute is my downfall. I see things on Instagram, Pinterest, or while I am out with my family and think… I need this. Learn what you need and what you don’t. Setting a budget for cute each year is essential.

.04 Setting the Tone

Once your classroom is set up, we need to look at setting the tone of your room. This is done visual through the decor in your room, through the organization of your space, and through the words you use during the first few weeks of school.

.05 Procedures & Routines

We all know that procedures and routines are what make or break a classroom. As teachers, we spend hours thinking through every little nuance. When can a student go to the restroom? How do they walk in line? What happens in an emergency? And so many more questions.

.06 Classroom Management

Classroom Management is essential to success for both the teacher and student. If you are unable to manage your class, you are guaranteed a year of struggle and strife. I use Intuitive Classroom Management in my room but there are many other options as well. Read More…

.07 Seasons & Holidays

I love seasons that change and holidays. I love the unique decor and the fun they bring. I do not enjoy the hours of extra decorating. There are simple ways to bring in the seasonal changes without breaking the budget or spending countless hours redecorating.

.08 Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards take a long time to put up and maintain. Word Walls, Calendars, Student Work Displays, Subject Specific Displays, and Motivational Materials all decorate your walls.  Create displays that are easy to change out to maximize your time and learning throughout the year.

.09 Special Events

Back to School, End of the Year, Read Across America, Open House, School Spirit Week, and so many other events. Learning to manage these your first year as a teacher can be tricky.  Gather up your teacher friends and conquer these together with laughter and fun.

What do you do after the foundation

has been built? 

Just like with a house, we decorate. In a classroom, decorating does not mean with new curtains and a new rug as these things are part of the 9 building blocks. What we decorate with is curriculum and lesson plans that enchant our students.. We fill our rooms with love and laughter.  We nurture it carefully and we watch it grow.