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Do you Bitmoji? Chances are Bitmoji Madness has reached a classroom near you. These personalized emoticons help teachers communicate important messages in a fun way. 

I admit it, I am late to the tech game again!

It seems 2016 was the year of the Bitmoji but I only heard about it a month ago.

Personalized emoticons? YES PLEASE!

Of course, I had to teach my husband and then we began texting the kids with them. The instant response was “how did you do that?” Seems we aren’t the only ones who didn’t know. This is how my Bitmoji obsession began. 

Bitmoji in the Classroom

If you stop by Pinterest or Instagram, you will see that teachers are using Bitmoji’s in the most creative ways! If you look around this website, you will see that I have used them in a variety of locations. I hate my picture being taken, always have. This is a great way for me to show you who I am and still be able to hide from the camera. 

Below are just a few of the creative ways I have seen teachers use Bitmoji!

Anchor Charts

Anchor Charts are one of my favorite tools that I use for teaching!  Now you can personalize them with a Bitmoji. 

For this example, I printed out a picture of me thinking and added some thought bubbles. With my class, I asked each group to come up with 1 “growth mindset saying” and then I wrote them into the chart.

Cute, Simple, Easy… and HIGHLY ENGAGING!


Teachers use posters for all kinds of things in the classroom! These showcase our routines, procedures, schedules, and so much more. 

What questions do your students ask you the most? How can you solve them with a personalized poster? Check out these samples for some great ideas!


I often create worksheets/interactive notebook pages to go with my anchor charts and posters. Now I can personalize these with a Bitmoji. 

There are even seasonal versions! The options are limited to your creativity!


Assessments and data are a way of life in the classroom but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! 

In this example, I used some of the idioms from Bitmoji to make a quiz. I could have used these same icons on an anchor chart and then an interactive notebook page prior to passing out this quiz or I could just use this to mix things up a bit.  


A few years back I ran into the problem of using stickers in my room as a student asked his parents to buy him stickers like mine and then began putting them on his papers. This made the parents think he was doing his work when actually I was never getting anything from him. 

Now you can make your own stickers! This would have solved that issue that I had all those years ago! I even added a few seasonal ones into the mix. 

Student Bitmoji

My students love creating and using their own Bitmoji. There are many projects that we can use them for and then there are some that we cannot. My students love using them on Padlet, as an avatar, class anchor charts, group projects, and things of this nature. 

Make sure that you understand how FERPA is involved with these personalized emoticons. For example, never use these on a data wall or a hallway display. It would fall under the same rule as using a student’s name. 

I typically avoid trends but I do not see the Bitmoji as a trend. In fact, I believe much like the emoticon, Bitmoji will advance with time. I am betting on a talking Bitmoji in the near future to wear we can hear each others voices as well as see the cute cartoon version of them.