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Planning for Professional Development Success begins with realizing that you are the brand. Learn how to turn yourself into a highly successful brand with these 9 tips. 

As women, we often struggle with selling ourselves. We tend to lift others up and humble our own talents and abilities. We tend to step back into the shadows to let others shine. All too often, these natural tendancies hurt us in the professional world where we need to be able to eloquently explain why we are the best.

In a profession dominated by women, this becomes even more difficult. One has to learn to carefully craft who they are so as to appear strong, professional, and personable without coming off as catty, manipulative and unapproachable. There is a secret to cultivating this persona; to professional development success.


That is the secret.  Bold. All Caps. Exclamation Point. YOU ARE THE BRAND! You are a brand and you are going to have to learn to treat yourself like one. It may not be easy but it will be worth it.

Why is branding important?

Everything you do either supports or distracts from your brand.
Words have power and meaning. How you use those words is important. We tell this to our students every day when we ask them to consider word choice for their latest writing assignment. When you are communicating with others, your words matter. Every company who has a brand has created a unique voice for their brand. It is displayed in the images they use, the colors of their brand, their word choice, font choice, and how they combine all of these things together. This is what makes them unique. This is what makes you unique. Just as with a company, you need to be developed. How we do that as teachers is through professional development. We often limit this topic to professional conferences, workshops, reading materials, college classes, and meetings. That is only one piece of the bigger picture. These are things that help develop you into a professional but they are not the only pieces.

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What do I need to Brand?

To put it simply… everything. Below are 9 key areas to focus on when branding you.



Your professional portfolio is what your evaluator will use to determine who you are.


Your website is the online version of you. What you say hear is heard by everyone.

Cover Letter

Your cover letter is your introduction to someone who has never met you. Make it count.


Your resume shows off your professional stats. Highly your successes and strengths.

Social Media

What you say and how you say it on social media matters. Even if it is a personal account and you believe it is private.


Your classroom is your home away from home. Just as your home tells your story so does your classroom.


Every newsletter sent home is another opportunity to sell yourself as a trusted expert.

Parent Communication

Every time you communicate with a parent is an opportunity gained or lost.


Everything you create, whether you sell it or not, demonstrates who you are as a professional.

Why does this matter?

Just like with a brand, how you present yourself is important. Think about getting dressed for an interview. You put a lot of thought into what you are going to say, how you are going to say it, what you are going to wear, and what your choice in clothing says about you. 

We often refer to this as “the first impression.” Brands get first impressions as well and typically if that first impression doesn’t impress you, it will be the last impression as well. Just as with an interview. You either impress or you don’t get the job.

Can you help me?

I am so glad you asked this question! Daisies and Chalk is focused on helping you become a legendary teacher. One who is a confident professional in and out of the classroom. One who actually has a life outside of teaching. It is not just a myth. It is possible. You can be a great teacher and work 45 hours a week or so.

 This blog is not just about teaching, we want to make you better so we will share our secrets on managing our home, easy recipes and menu planning, resources to get you hired, professional development plans, lesson guides, and so much more.

We have got it all in one easy place for you and have create simple monthly quests to head you on the right path. Simply sign up for our monthly newsletter and you are well on your way!