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Professional, Editable Teacher Portfolio

Professional, Editable Teacher Portfolio
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A Professional, Editable Teacher Portfolio in the colors of Black, White, & Red.

What is included?
– Directions
– 2 Page Portfolio Checklist (to ensure you have all the evidence you need)
– Blank Checklist (to add site specific evidence)
– Blank Table of Contents
– Danielson Framework
– Blank Domain Header (4 Pages)
– Domain Content (4 Pages)
– Domain Evidence Pages (20 Pages)
– Course Synopsis Worksheet
– Professional Development Reflection
– Professional Reading Log
– Sub-topic Headers (43 Pages)
– Blank Topic Header
– Free Updates (when available)

Is This Able to Be Customized?
You can pick and choose which pages to include to create your own customized portfolio to meet your needs. All pages open up in PowerPoint so that you can add your own text.

This can be used with or without the Danielson Framework. Danielson is based upon InTASC so I did not include these standards.


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