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30 Day Gratitude Challenge Journal

30 Day Gratitude Challenge Journal
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Looking for a way to take Good Morning Messages and Growth Mindset one step further this holiday season?
Research has proven that showing gratitude leads to an increase in long-term well-being, improved health, relationships, emotions and can help us bounce back from stressful experiences.
This product was designed to support the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge (November 15-Dec 15) but can be used for any dates. If you would like to join this challenge, please visit or website or follow us on Instagram @DaisiesandChalk.
This Gratitude Challenge is the ideal way to help our students focus on the positives. The journal is open ended so can be used with any prompt of your choosing. There are matching prompts on Instagram that will help you guide your students through the process of turning a complaint into gratitude.
We look at how to take the worry and stress out of spelling tests, mastering math facts, writing, a draft, and more. This year, give your students something more for Thanksgiving. Teach them how to have a grateful heart that will support them throughout the year and their lives.
What is Included?
  • Gratitude Challenge Cover
  • Gratitude Journal Cover
  • Gratitude Challenge Lined Page
  • Gratitude Journal Lined Page
  • Gratitude Challenge Daily Lined Page
  • Free Updates
Each page is designed as 1/2 page and can easily be combined into a booklet.

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