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August Quest Cards

August Quest Cards
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I have had a lot of different types of newsletters in my classroom but my favorite is always the student-created ones. To get their viewpoint on life in our room is priceless! I kept running into the problem of my students needing more space than was available to share their ideas.

Enter… Quest Cards! These cards limit the space available so I get just what I need where I need it.

Bringing Trends into the Classroom

Project Life is a popular, easy way to scrapbook. I have brought this trend into my classroom with easy to use cards that can be added into any notebook, anchor chart, or worksheet. Each one is designed specifically for the upper elementary classroom.

I contacted Project Life and pitched them my idea. They were not interested at this time and so Quest Cards was born!

How to Use

This set is designed for student-created newsletters. Have your editors complete the cards, arrange on the page, and then it is ready to have copies made. This can be done on paper or digitally with Google Slides or Powerpoint.  Read More

Quest cards are designed to be used with any curriculum. They are easy to use. Simply, print and complete. Great for Interactive Student Notebooks, Student Notes, Quick Checks, Anchor Charts, Projects, Portfolios, and more!

What is included?

  • 12 3×4 Portrait Cards
  • 12 4×6 Landscape Cards

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