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Back to School Passport

Back to School Passport
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This passport acts as a checklist for you and your students for all the things that need to be reviewed and completed during the first week of school. It is highly engaging and my students beg to work on their passports.

I leave this on my students desk for meet the teacher night. They start the year off being a success by earning 2 stamps that night! This helps build confidence that they can succeed all year long.

Earn Stamps for
– Meeting Your Teacher
– Finding Your Desk
– Touring the School
– Touring the Classroom
– Making a New Friend
– Returning Back to School Paperwork
– Creating a Homework Plan with your parents
– Completing an About Me Page
– Learning the Morning Routine
– and 20 more ideas!

Pick the ones that work best for your class. Included are additional blank stamps for you to create your own ideas to “Check off the List.”

What is included?
– Cover Page
– 3 Visa Pages (9 stamps/page)
– 1 Blank Page of Stamps
– 1 Blank Visa Page (to add more if needed)
– 2 sets of directions (what I do and how to customize it to you)
– Student Activity Pages
– About Me
– Goals
– Kind Definition
– I wish my teacher knew
– Homework Plan (to complete with parents)
– 2 Inspirational Quotes to Color
– Voice Levels
– Self-Assessment Rubric
– Math Talk
– Make A Friend Venn Diagram
– Class List Activity
– Customize Classroom Management Information
– Class Schedule
– Morning Routine
– Afternoon Routine
– Class Rules
– Class Discussions

Easy to Use
Easy-to-Print format in Black and White Design. Print Double Sided, fold in half, add a staple to secure, and you are ready for a week of learning!

Designed to fit into any size Interactive Student Notebook, just glue in the back of the last page! Your student will be reminded of routines, procedures, and things they like about their classmates all year long.

Easy to Customize
Print out your classroom rules, schedules, and routines for the students to glue in or have them copy it down. This is a great way to reinforce what you have just discussed.

This product is designed for students to decorate as they wish. There is a lot of opportunities to color and do their best work. This has saved me countless times. I let them color during read-alouds (if they can still answer my questions) or if something pops-up and I have to take care of it… my students will still be kept happily engaged.


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