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Black and White Word Wall Kit

Black and White Word Wall Kit
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I have designed a Word Wall that can be used as either a bulletin board, a portable word wall, or a combination of both (my preferred method). Included in this is 8 black and white pattern cards with capital letters on them. This is NOT an editable product. These are the same patterns I use to differentiate grade levels in my classroom.

What is included?

  • 1 4×4 Letter Square for each letter of the alphabet
  • 3 activities to do with your work wall

Where can I get words for my word wall?

My main freebie for Teachers Pay Teachers includes all of the Dolch Sight Words – 81 free pages of words in the differentiated pattern. I am currently working on the Frys Sight Words. In addition, my district uses Storytown Spelling and each of my spelling kits includes the words for the word wall.

As there are so many different ways to use a word wall, I like to leave this open for you to decide what is best for your classroom.

What if I need a different size for my word wall?

As these are designed as squares it not only makes them easy to print but easy to resize. Just simply use your printer settings to reduce the pdf to the size you need!



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