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Fall Word Wall

Fall Word Wall
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Learning to Describe Fall

Y’all I had this huge problem my first year teaching. I asked my students to write about fall using as many descriptive words as they could. Super simple, right? WRONG! My students struggled to find words and the words they did come up with were exactly the same!

I gathered up my 6th graders and we labored through creating an anchor chart with descriptive terms we could use for our final drafts. I talked to teachers below me and above me… we all had the same problem and the same need!

A few years later, I asked my 3rd graders to do the same project… this time I came prepared with a list of words to use. This list has grown over the years and will continue to grow.

What is Included?

1 Word List – Great for inserting into binders!
108 word wall cards (and counting!)


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