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Football Inequalities 2018

Football Inequalities 2018
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Building Math Knowledge with Football

I have A LOT of students who watch NFL Games with their families each week. I tapped into this family fun time to build mastery with inequalities for my students.

Each week students take home a game sheet for the week. They record the scores of the games that they watched and then using greater than, less than, or equal to show who won the game. This is an optional homework assignment in my classroom and completing all 17 weeks can earn them a mystery prize!

My students love this as they come in on Monday morning talking about the weekend excitement. Some students are asking who watched what game and if they know the score. Sharing scores is allowed, sharing the inequality used is not. This task has increased the mastery level of inequalities with even the most reluctant student. Those who never do homework are now working with their parents to complete the sheet.

This is an easy, highly engaging activity with big rewards!

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