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Our goal at Daisies and Chalk is to help you go from suffering from overwhelm to being a happy,  passionate teacher.

We have all been that teacher. The one who is so overwhelmed that she does not know where to start on her to do list to make a difference. It seems like when one thing is checked off, twelve others jump on the list. It is a daunting, thankless task.

The more overwhelmed you are the less your students seem to learn. To catch up, you blow the dust off the textbooks and had the students an assignment. You see their eyes glaze over as they begin. You know they learn the most when they are engaged and excited but how do will you ever have the time to plan that type of lesson.

That is where the Path to Passionate Teaching comes into play!

Thank You!

Everyday you make a difference. You put your heart into everything you do (and so do we).  Your days are hectic and most often people forget to take the time to tell you how truly special you are. Allow us a moment to remind you!

You ARE appreciated!

You ARE awesome!

You ARE inspirational!

You ARE making a difference.

You Matter!

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