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Looking for books to recommend to your 3-5 grader? Our list of 9 Books about elections are sure to entice your upper elementary reader.

The 2018 Elections are just a few weeks away and our country seems like a hot mess. If you turn on the news, you will hear how polarized our country is. You will hear stories of groups bullying others to vote and think like them. There is a lot of anger and a lot of confusion.
I look at this and wonder when did our society stop being able to agree to disagree. Then I look at my class and think I can make a difference. I can teach them why it is important to vote, to listen to all the sides, to make an informed decision, and to agree to disagree.
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Teaching about voting, elections, our responsibilities as adults to vote, how our government works, how to decipher fact from opinion, how to disagree respectfully, and so much more are probably on your list of things to teach this year. Using one of the books below will help you jump start your lessons.

Upper Elementary Books About Elections & Voting




What’s the Big Deal About Elections?

Have you been looking for a book that chunks the information about elections? Well, look no further than What’s the Big Deal About Elections. This book includes a timeline of the history of our elections and snippets that explain more about each point along the way.




Lillian’s Right to Vote

Every election year, I take the time to explain my student why voting matters. Lillian’s Right to Vote is the tale of both African American and Women’s fight to be able to vote. It discusses how it is an honor, privilege, and responsibility for every citizen who can to vote in the election process.


Lillian’s Right to Vote and What’s the Big Deal About Elections are my two MUST have books about elections. If you don’t have them, buy these! This is what you can build your lesson plans off of.  How? Read the books aloud and then ask your students to respond to them the same way you would have them respond to a Good Morning Message. BAM! Super Simple and Done. Your students will love it and you will save a ton of time.

This is just one of my secrets to Working Less to Live Better!



When You Grow Up to Vote

When I first started reading When You Grow Up to Vote, I almost put it down and stopped reading. It started out by explaining about the jobs of firefighters, policemen, and garbage collectors. Not what I wanted or needed.

I flipped through and said… AH HA! That is the information I needed. Skip over the first 3 chapters and start reading about the job of the mayor. This gives a great look at how our government works from the lowest to highest levels.



See How the Run

See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Race to the White House takes a light hearted look at the process of a Presidential Elections including Conventions and Primaries. It is a great way to start introducing some more difficult parts of the elections cycle and students are sure to love the graphics.



House Mouse Senate Mouse

It is very difficult to find a book just about what the house does unless you start to get into textbook like materials. House Mouse, Senate Mouse is the best that I can find. It is written for younger children but would be a great jumping off point to begin a comparison between the two chambers of congress.



My Senator and Me

As we are voting for Senators this time around, I thought a book on Senators would be great. Told from the perspective of the dog, Splash, learn about what a day in the life of Senator Kennedy is like.

Note: Some may disagree with the views of the bill presented in My Senator and Me.  This is a great time to discuss how things are debated and everyone is entitled to their opinion.




The Class Election from the Black Lagoon

My students love the Black Lagoon Series. I include The Class Election from the Black Lagoon in  my classroom library and point it out as a relevant book to read during this time of year.  It has some great talking points especially about whether or not bribing people for votes is a good idea.




Funny Kid for President

A dear teacher friend sent me this book and said I had to read it. Brand new in 2018. She said Funny Kid for President was like her last recommendation… the kids would be rolling on the floor laughing and learning. She isn’t wrong. Her student who won’t read (or do) anything read this. Twice. Get it. Put it in your library.

P.S. This is a series. Part Chapter Book/Part Graphic Novel. Your student’s will be begging you to purchase them all.



Vote for Me

Brand new for 2018 is Vote for Me! This describes the different types of governments and how voting works around the world. I love this book and am so excited to add it to my library!

Have you ever struggled to compare types of governments to a student who just doesn’t get it? This is the book that you need! It will help them finally understand the differences in an easy to use format.

Why Purchase Books

Reading is essential to academic and personal success. It is the number one thing we can do as teachers and parents to help the children in our care reach their full potential. Research has shown that the more access one has to a book, the more likely the are to read it.

Click on the links above to purchase your new books. I have done the research, Amazon is the cheapest place to buy these books.

Why is reading important?

Reading is the number one thing you can do as a parent to help your child become a successful adult. As teachers, we know the importance of reading but struggle conveying this importance to parents.

The post below shares the latest research from 2016 about who is reading, how often they are reading, and discusses the decline of reading within our society. In addition, you will discover a freebie about 9 ways to help support reading in the home.