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Be Ready to Write in Under an Hour with these 9 Simple Steps to Creating Your WordPress Website with SiteGround (or a host of your choosing).

Yesterday we talked about branding your brand. If you have not read why the number 1 thing you can do as a professional is to BRAND YOU, I highly recommend you read it before creating your website. While I wrote this specifically for teachers, it doesn’t matter what field you are in, you must know who you are as a professional to grow in your field.

Creating a Website was one of the 9 things I gave you to do to brand yourself.  There are many reasons why as a teacher you would want a website: to connect with parents, to connect with students, creating an online portfolio, and networking with fellow teachers are just a few examples. The reason why will vary from teacher to teacher.

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Before we get started on the website building, I think you should know a little about me. I hem and haw over spending money. I like money in my account not spending it. I am not one of those women who love to shop. In fact I hate. True story… I once went to a mall to make a purchase and left 5 minutes later. I am famous for calling my husband and asking him to pick up these 8 items from the grocery store on his way home. He has a rule if it is over 8 he won’t run in… that is shopping. Buuuutttt… if it is only 8 or less he will stop every day on his way home and I can avoid the grocery store. Shhhh… don’t tell him my secret!

I also never make a purchase without thoroughly researching it. Another true story… it once took me 3 years to purchase the furniture for our master bedroom because I couldn’t find something that I liked that was a good investment and worth the expense.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I am telling you Siteground is the best I have found for hosting your website. I have heard the whispers of issues with them. Trust me there is a customer service man over there that got my list of 23 questions regarding the complaints. He gave me practical solutions to every one and did so with a great attitude. Even if they were dumb questions! I also contact several other sites, some didn’t want to answer my questions at all. We won’t mention them.

All this to say… If I am endorsing something you can believe it is good. I have spent hours making sure I didn’t waste a single dime and I will never endorse anything I don’t personally use.

Web Hosting

9 Steps to Your New Blog


Go to SiteGround

Your first step is to visit the Sitground Website.  They will help you with purchasing a Domain (if you have not already done so), transferring your Domain (if you have one), and hosting your website. Click on the white sign up button.


Pick a Plan

You can pick any plan you choose and they are all very affordable. I highly recommend the middle GrowBig plan. The reason… it includes free backups of your website. This means that if you mess it up… you have a way to undo what you just broke. It is automatic and well worth the money. I have used it a time or two.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice. Please check the website for current pricing plans.


Add Your Domain

Next step, you either use the domain you already have OR create a new one. Simply type in the name you want and choose an extension (.com is typical). If the name is taken Sitground will notify you to choose something else.


Create Your Account

Now fill in all of your information to create an account. Toward the bottom of the page it will ask for your payment information, whether you want to pay annually or monthly, and whether you want additional services (I checked no on those).


Log Into Your Account

CONGRATS! You are the official owner of your own domain and well on your way. Just go to the login screen and log in.

It will take you to the homescreen page. See all the yellow boxes in the picture? That is all my private information hidden from all the world. Your information should be in those spots.

See that orange button… the C-Panel. Click on that to get to the next step. You will get a warning about the dangers of going forward. Take the risk! Go on an adventure! Create a website!



Did you make it to the C-Panel? If you are too worried, click on the Support Button. A friendly person will come on. Tell them you are clueless and they will do the work for you. (It’s what I did the first time!) If you are brave soul and clicked the c-panel button…

Under AutoInstallers, you will see the WordPress Icon. I put a bright pink arrow over it in the picture. (Yellow is still your private information.) Click on this; the next page has the install button.


Install WordPress

Next to the blue install button click on the drop down and select customize. Customize your site name, site description, and admin name and password. Then click install (pink button).

Note… I am showing you the home screen page not the customize page as I would just be putting yellow boxes up everywhere for you not to see my information. You got this!


Login to WordPress

Every person has their own unique WordPress URL to log into. Your Admin URL will look like


Customize Your Site

Pick your theme and you are ready to go! It really is that simple. Yesterday we talked about customizing your blog to match your brand. This is important but is not part of getting you up and running.

Congradulations on Your New Website!

I am so excited for you! Welcome to the world of blogging! It is an exciting place to be and you will meet so many new friends! Your voice matters. You matter both inside and outside of the classroom. I can’t wait to read about your adventures. If you have completed the steps above and just created a new blog (or another one or just updated your old one). Leave me a note in the comments so I can stop over and officially welcome you!