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So MAny Things To Do. So Little Time. That’s Where We come In.

Many teachers are stuck in an overwhelming circle of chaos, exhaustion, and praying that they make it to the next break before  burn out sets in. Their wallets are empty, their hearts are full, and the pile of papers to grade are starting to topple over.

As a teacher, we are natural nurturers. We want to make sure that everyone has what they need. Our students, our spouses, and our children. All too often what we need is put on the back burner. The only thing worse, we feel guilty. We see that to do list, the errands undone, the take-out ordered, the lessons that need planning, the child who needs attention, and the spouse who would like to take you out on a date. How can you do everything and make everyone happy?

We look at all of this that needs to be done and we start to cry. We are guilty, overwhelmed, and we have no plan. We had a plan, it is around here somewhere but even if you found it, you still don’t know which item on your to do list you should do first.

Daisies and Chalk is here to help guide you on your Path to Passionate Teaching.  Learn how to juggle it all and have time for you. Discover our secrets on how to decrease the time you spend at school, the amount of things you are bringing home, and the never-ending cycle of self-doubt.

How is this possible? I have developed procedures and routines that help me in and out of the classroom accomplish more and stress less.  You can learn more about these by joining our email list and becoming part of our monthly challenges. 

Simplify your classroom management with Intuitive Classroom Management Strategies. Learn how a Good Morning Message can set the tone for your day and help you connect to even the most difficult student.

Discover new resources that are easy to use, printer friendly, and will save you time in lesson planning and grading.

Get lost in a book with our easy to use Book Lists that will help you launch your next lesson in a snap!

Our Team

Misty Judd

Misty is our CEO and lead author. Basically, anything that happens around here happens because of her. She is a wife, mother of 5, and a certified elementary teacher. She has a M.ED in Education with a minor in Technology Integration.

Brian Judd

Brian  is our editor-in-chief, CFO, and is married to Misty. He also helps set-up classrooms, shops for cuteness without complaining, picks up take-out when I forget to cook dinner, and takes the kids away so I can work. He enjoys football, fishing, and NASCAR.

Ben Poland

Ben  is our editor-in-training, lead product tester, and youngest son. Ben has been testing our products since 2011 and is never afraid to tell his mama that “it’s stupid, everyone will hate it, and nope, I am not doing that.” If it isn’t fun, Ben will take himself off to read a book.

Lorrea Hall

Lorrea is our IT Specialist and bff to Misty. Misty is pretty good with IT now but when she breaks it, Lorrea fixes it. In addition to helping us here, Lorrea is a homeschool mama of 4, Apple IT Specialist, teacher, and wife.  Please stop by Lorrea’s Loft and say hello.

Our Vision

Our mission is Enchanting Students with Engaging Lessons.Every post we write, resource we create, or product we recommend keeps this  message in mind. How do we do this? One rainy, Sunday afternoon we were sipping hot cocoa and waiting for our electricity to come back on and randomly chatting about this and that when one of the boys recommended we use icons as a reminder of what we wish to accomplish. We drew up a few sketches, tossed some ideas around, and came up with a list of standards we strive to meet.
All products created by Daisies and Chalk are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
Every Daisies and Chalk product will be easy to use. We limit the amount of cutting, folding, and gluing you do.
Instructions are purposefully created to be flexible allowing you to easily fit them to meet your needs.

Our resources are created to have a high engagement level as well as insure that they meet the rigor administrators are expecting.

Daisies and Chalk strives to bring the fun, laughter, and magic back into the classroom.
Most of our resources are designed in black and white to make them easy (and inexpensive) to print.  Seasonal resources, classroom decor, and digital presentations are excluded.
Each product is created for a 3-grade span. Why? It allows you to easily differentiate 1 level up or do so that you can meet your students where they are at.
At Daisies and Chalk, we avoid the latest trends. We look for graphics and resources that have a timeless feel sot that you can use them year after year.
Teaching is an expensive endeavor. At Daisies and Chalk, we are committed to ensuring that every dollar you spend with us is a wise investment. Most products include free upgrades (should the product be upgraded in the future).