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Classroom Decorating can be overwhelming. Scour Pinterest log enough and you will feel hopeless. Learn the steps of easy decorating. 

I know you have seen it… that perfect Pinterest classroom. The one that is filled with the latest trends and styles; the one that makes you look at your classroom and wonder “What happened here?” My friends, step away from the Pinterest Delusion! Today we are looking at Classroom Decorating 101!

Our goal when decorating is to create a cute, inviting environment that both you and the student can thrive in. We do not want it to look DollarTree Cheap nor do we want it to look Pinterest Extravagant. We are aiming for something in the middle that won’t break our budget.

Remember the 9 Building Blocks of a Strong Classroom? Well today, we are going to conquer the first one!

Color Schemes

Your color scheme is going to be determined by the colors in your room when you walk in, the colors you are able to paint it, or the colors you like. It is best to pick 2-3 main colors. These are the colors you will use throughout your room to give it a coordinated look. 

You will use these colors for furniture, walls, bulletin boards, borders, and organization. Choose your colors wisely. I have always used black and white as my basis as I can then easily change out the accent pieces to a new color when I get bored with the current set up. 

Here are 9 options to consider; follow my Pinterest account for even more ideas. 

Black & White

A very basic color palette that can compliment any room. Accents can easily be added in any color. Good for those moving to a new school and not knowing what their room looks like. 

Black, White, & Red

A popular choice and goes well with a ladybug theme, pirate theme, movie theme, racing theme. If you want to change themes often, you may consider this. 

Black, White, & Yellow

This is the very popular bee theme. I have also seen a daisy theme does in this color scheme. 

Cream & White

In 2018 (time this blog was written) this is the most popular color scheme. This goes along well with the fixer upper theme and the farmhouse theme. 

Black & Brights

The opposite of this would be white and brights. Both are very popular. They both go very well with the chalkboard theme and the confetti theme. 

Blue & Green

A very clean and soothing color scheme. Goes well with an outdoor theme, ocean theme, adventure theme, or mountain theme.

Pink & Orange

Bright and Cheerful color scheme. This is often paired with either black or white to create an exciting environment. Goes well with the Pineapple Theme, Tropical Theme, and Sweets Theme. 

School Colors

Using your school colors or the colors of your Alma-Marter is a popular choice. The theme is usually centered around the school’s mascot. 


Primary Rainbow or a Bright Rainbow are very popular in the lower elementary levels where they are still learning the colors. 


Patterns bring your color schemes to life. No one wants to see blocks of squares like the examples above. You want to give your room movement and life. Patterns are how we do this. Use 1-3 maximum.  You are going to use these patterns for the borders of your bulletin boards and other display areas in your room. If you are doing labels and name tags, you will use these patterns there as well. 


A lot of classroom decor comes from home decor. Wanna know the latest trends? Check out HGTV!
Some people love themes. They want owls, frogs, pigs, or another mascot. I personally have avoided themes as a result of what has happened to Kathy but perhaps you are a braver soul than I. 

Once Upon a Time,  there was this teacher who loved owls (it’s true we are still friends). When she started teaching a few decades ago, she decided to bring owls into her classroom. It was her theme and an owl became her class mascot. 

Over the years, she received gifts from parents and students for various things and it was always an owl. Her classroom overflowed with them as they were stuck in every possible corner and had overrun her room. She had so many, she had to start taking them home and soon they overran her house. 

She hates owls now. She says when she retires she is burying them all. 

Beware of themes! Don’t be like Kathy screaming to be released from a once cute theme. If you have a theme, keep it to a minimum.

Questions to Ask When Decorating

. 01 Will I be able to find enough items in my chosen colors to decorate my room?

.02 Will I be able to find items to match in 5 years when I need to add 1 more thing?

.03 Are the colors easy to match? (Don’t use a HTML color code!)

.04 Do you have male and female students? What colors/patterns/themes would they feel most comfortable with?

.05 What mood do you want to create in your classroom?

.06 What color is your room currently?

.07 What colors do your prefer? avoid? 

.08 Are you able to change the color of the items currently in your room? 

.09 Does your school/district have any requirements that you need to meet? 

Once you have answered these questions, you are ready to pick your base and accent colors! Happy decorating!