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Easily creating a unique business and brand you love using these 9 steps. Part of our “Learn how to make your dreams a reality through branding you!” series. 

How do you create a business and a brand? This is a question many have asked and you can find countless sources of information on the internet. I worked as a project manager for a web design company for many years and have answered this question countless times.

Why should you read mine? I am an amateur designer. I have always had someone else design my blog.  This is my first website design and if I do say so myself… NAILED IT! Learn how I was able to create a professional looking site on my own.  
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9 Steps to Creating a Brand & Business

.01 Determine Your Purpose

What do you want to blog about? Why do you want to blog? When creating a blog you need to know the answers to these two questions. A blog should have a very narrow and specific purpose. This is called your niche. Rarely is a blog successful when it covers a wide variety of topics.

.02 Developing a Unique Name

It seems like every name is taken! Use NameCh_k to  check for both domains and social media sites all at once. If the name you enter turns up green… you have found a unique name!



Do not start your search until you are prepared to grab the name with both hands. It will take an hour or so to complete the sign up process. If you search before you are prepared to commit you risk someone else finding your good idea and running off with it. 

.03 Get a Google Account

Take your name to google and create a free account. This will be your email account, your Google Docs account, your Google Ads account, Google + Account, and YouTube Account. Anything affiliated with Google will be tied to this account. You should set your email up as

.04 Purchase a Domain Name & Hosting

If you are using Blogger… click yes to purchasing a domain name (2018 price $12) and make sure you renew annually.
If you are using WordPress… I recommend  SiteGround for hosting and it will include you domain name. One easy click and you will get both items (note this is an affiliate link).  SiteGround is what I personally use to host this website as it is very affordable and they have superior customer service.

Web Hosting

I highly recommend reading 9 Simple Steps to Setting Up your blog as it will take you step by step through setting up your WordPress site with SiteGround. It will take you less than 30 minutes and you will be ready to start your site!

.05 Claim your Social Media Sites

Now claim all the sites. Every single one you think you may ever consider using. Do it now or someone else will and it will be too late.

.06 Determine a Color Scheme

I am horrible at putting together a color scheme. It is why the color scheme of my home is black, white, and gray. My classroom is exactly the same. I know if I buy something with these colors… it will look good together.So you can imagine my fear when it comes to picking colors that will look good on a blog. So what is a girl to do? 


Google and Pinterest,  my friends. I tried several sites including  Design Seeds which has hundreds of pre-made palettes to find the perfect one for this site. I thought I was in love but alas it wasn’t for me. There is a lot of advice on how to find inspiration and create a mood board. I created a secret pin board and began pinning away.

.07 Determine your Fonts

Do you remember back when you were planning your wedding and you had everything figured out. You went off to order the invitations. You were so determined you were done. No detail had been left undone and then the dreaded question you never dreamed of came: “What fonts have you chosen?”


What?? Like seriously?! Don’t you just poof and its perfect? You want me to decide fonts? Well… yes. They are kind of a big deal. They are part of your brand. You will need them.


Now the bad news… you googled a font and fell in love BUT if its not on the Google Font list. Your probably not going to be able to use it except for in custom created graphics or products you make. Save yourself some heartache… search the list for your font.

.08 Branding Your Blog

You have the domain, the social media sites, the colors, the fonts, and now you want to blog! Hold your horses, cowboy.That was just the opening act. The blog has not been set up to shout to the world who you are. Now is the time for some heavy lifting!

There are A LOT of questions you need to answer!

– Do you want you blog to be responsive? (always say yes)
– What color and font will the Blog Title be? The Subtitles? The Links? The Buttons?
– What type of graphics have you decided upon to go with it? Clip art, Stock Photos, Custom Photography, or a combination of the above?
– Do you know HTML5 and CSS so you can code your way out of being stuck?
– Can you create pictures in the required sizes for the various pieces of your online presence?
– Did you set up SEO? Do you know what SEO stands for and why it is important?

You have 3 options:

.01 Go with whatever Blogger or WordPress gives you to use and make the best of it
.02 DIY
.03 Hire a Professional

This site is a DIY project. . I have hired professionals in the past (shout out to Honey Bunch Blog Designs, Chalk and Apple Designs, and The 3AM Teacher) with great success.  The choice is yours.

.09 Scheduling Social Media Posts

Social media is everywhere in our world. It is a part of daily lives and if you want people to read what you write… then you will need to utilize social media to share your posts. I have a warning for you: Social Media can take over your life and business. It is very time consuming. Don’t try to run all of the social media sites at one time.

You have to start slow. Pick one and then go from there. Automation and Virtual Assistants are keys with social media.

I set up 3 weeks of social media posts for Facebook and Google+ prior to my first blog post. Why? It increased the chances my first post would be read and guess what? It was. 17 views in the first 4 hours. Not to shabby! I choose these sites as this is where I knew I had a following of people who would read what I wrote. 

Your Branded Business is Ready!

That’s it! You are now officially a brand and business!  You are ready to share your content with the world and be recognized for the professional expert you are.