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No matter where you are in your teacher journey… we are happy to help. Connect with one of these 6 teachers and find the answers you have been seeking.
Have you ever been to a website and wondered where to begin? What is in it for me? How can it help me? Well… this post was written just for you! 
Daisies and Chalk provides content for teachers in various parts of their careers. We are happy to help you find where to begin seeking answers on our website.

The 6 Types of Teachers

We have all heard the jokes and sayings about the different types of teachers but we are going to take a different approach. We are going to look at the types of teachers over the course of our careers. We are going to look at how she feels in each stage and give you directions to real answers that are going to solve your problems. Our site is full of useful resources but we believe the links below will be the most help to get you started.

Note to Male Teachers: There are men who teach elementary school as well and God Bless Them as they are surely needed! As a majority of elementary teachers are women, I have designed our characters to reflect my audience. Men, you will just have to pretend they are as manly as you!

.01 Meet Isabelle

The Future Teacher

Isabelle attends the local university where she is majoring in education. She is passionate about helping students learn and implementing technology in the classroom. She can’t wait for student teaching to begin so she will finally be in the classroom.

Her biggest fears right now are finishing school, passing the certification exams to get her license, and finding a job.

.02 Meet Sam

The First Year Teacher

Sam just graduated and is so excited to land her first teaching job, She knows that she is going to be amazing as her mentor teacher said so and all of the students loved her when she was doing her student teaching. She has many great ideas and wants to implement them all. STAT!

Her biggest problem is where to begin! She has a limited budget, an empty classroom, and a picture of a Pinterest classroom she wants to create. 

.03 Meet Mary

The Overwhelmed Teacher

Mary is drowning. Her class is disorganized, her to do list is impossible, admin says she needs to be more dedicated, and she is already working 65+ hours a week. Her family misses her and her students are clamoring for her time. No one is happy with her least of all herself.

Mary is staring burn out in the mirror. She is trying to decide if she can really do this. Maybe teaching isn’t for her. Maybe she just isn’t a good teacher.

.04 Meet Laura

The Struggling Teacher

Laura is a master of organization and prioritizing. You want something done, she is your girl but she struggles with building relationships. As a result, her classroom management is suffering. She has tried everything to fix it but nothing works.

Laura is looking for a new plan to solve this issue. She needs something researched based and that will work. She wants to implement new lesson plans and strategies; to mix things up and continue to evolve as a teacher.

.05 Meet Sofia

The Teacherpenuer

Sophia is rocking this teacher thing. She has a Pinterest styled classroom, always looks calm and collected, creates and sells curriculum on Teachers Pay Teachers, and has her own website. She is the teacher everyone wants to be.

Sophia wants to find a better work-life balance. Resources to help her grow her business and manage her time better would make her an even better teacher.

.06 Meet Betty

The Veteran Teacher

Betty has been teaching for the last 25 ideas and loves the youth and vibrancy of young teachers. She has here lesson plans written in stone. She knows what works based upon her experience. Admin can say what they will but she knows what she knows.

Betty struggles to implement technology and new strategies. She misses the old days when you could teach a theme and didn’t have to test your students every year. Data is her weakness but she is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom.

We All Struggle Sometime

As teachers (and women), how we feel changes quite often. Maybe today you feel like the overwhelmed teacher but tomorrow you are the teacherpenuer who has it all together.  No matter where you are in your teaching career, we are here to help. We have been there, done that, and somewhere we probably still have the t-shirt.

Grab a cup of Hot Cocoa and stop by for a chat. We are always here to help or to point you to someone who can. If you don’t find the answers here on our site, check us out on social media. Ask us questions. Let us know what you are thinking and what you need. If we can help, we will!

This is a page you will want to bookmark and come back to again and again. As we create new content to help each of our teachers we will add links to the series homepages so you will always be able to find the answers you need quickly and easily!