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School is out for summer and it is time to regroup before the start of the next school year. Before you start that, lets take a moment to remember YOU matter!

Why YOU Matter

There are countless reasons you matter but let’s take a quick peek at a few: 

 .01 Teachers believe everyone is capable of success

.02 Teachers make complicated things simple

.03 Teachers make the mundane interesting and fun

.04 Teachers create future leaders

.05 Teachers help students discover their strengths

.06 Teachers motivate and inspire

.07 Teachers coach and mentor

.08 Teachers are first responders

.09 Teachers make the impossible possible. 


Join us over at Instagram to add your reasons why teachers matter. Let’s see how big of a list we can make!

The Path to Passionate Teaching

The Path to Passionate Teaching was born out of my frustrations in the classroom. Everyone was suffering including me. I needed a way to teach and live. I had to stop the tidal wave called “burn out” that was heading my way. (Read more about my story here: About.)

I picked a topic for each month and began setting goals for myself each month. I began sharing these goals with colleagues. I am currently in the middle of writing this book. 

To give you an overview, each month we work on focusing on 1 new habit that goes along with the topic of the month. For each topic, I have written 9 (of course) different things to choose from. Each new habit will reduce stress resulting in a happier, more passionate teacher in the classroom. 

I want you to really get a feel for what a chapter of Path to Passionate Teaching Looks like. Instead of including the summer bonus sections in the book, they will be available to you for free here on my blog! The blog version will be edited for length but will give you the basic overview of the month including all 9 options for a new habit!

June = You Matter!

Teachers are natural nurtures and as such we tend to focus on everyone else but neglect ourselves. This month, we are going to think about only ourselves. This is probably one of the hardest months to create a new habit but I believe in you! 

Remember, YOU MATTER

Just keep repeating this over and over again whenever you feel selfish or guilty for focusing on you. 

.01 Hydrate

I use my planner to track not only school things but everything in my life. Cute is a requirement in my world and these planner stickers from aHappyBlueTree  are the perfect addition to my planner! One Hydrate Sticker will remind you to drink your water while still leaving you room to lesson plan. 

Getting enough water and reducing your caffenine intake has numerous benefits. Trying to drink all that water now will give you time to train your bladder before school starts again. #teacherproblems


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.02 Exercise

My personal goal is to make it to the gym at least twice a week. Does that happen is another story. However, most people including me count their steps. This month try to get a new personal best and reach that goal at least 3 times a week. This will keep you in shape for that first week back to class not to mention all of the other health benefits.

These Step Stickers from PlanningInspired I use to record my new personal best. This helps me know what my goal is and when I beat it. On days I met my goal but not a new personal best I use these Shoe Stickers also from PlanningInspired

.03 Finding Peace

With the chaos of managing the classroom on a day to day basis, finding some down time to enjoy the silence is difficult. It this is the task that you choose for this month, create a habit each morning to pray, meditate,  or enjoy nature for 5 minutes each morning. Just as with reading in the classroom, once 5 minutes is easy increase your stamina to 10. The end goal is 30 minutes.

Research states that the morning is the opportune time for this task to reap the maximum benefits. Track each day of your success with these mini Bible Stickers from PlannerFrenzy

.04 Dress for Success

I know it’s summer and the only thing we want are jammie days but sooner than we would like we are going to be required to go somewhere. If you are like me, you have avoided shopping as you were just too tired to do it during the school year. 

Take time this month to clean out your closet, hunt pinterest boards for wardrobe ideas, and then plan some new outfits for next year. Refresh your look and re-energize!


.05 Relax

Most of the year we spend running from one thing to the next. This year, I want you to plan on utilizing the 24 hour rule. Scientific research has proven that those who take a day off each work out preform those who do not. Another benefit, stress and cholestrol decrease. 

When you are creating your work hours make sure you have one day each week where nothing is planned. This is a day to relax. For my family, it is Sunday. Church then nothing. 

.06 Eat Colorfully

We all know we should eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day but we rarely do. Our bodies need proper nutition to function optimally. This month, aim for getting 5 a day 5 days each week!

Looking for an even bigger challenge, aim for 5 colors a day or try one new food each week. Each color provides a different vitamin or mineral your body needs. The better you eat, the more energy you will have. 

.07 Plan for Fun

What do you like to do for fun? It cannot be school related. It cannot be something your family loves to do. Think of something you want to do. Teacher friends and family can join in but it has to be a purely selfish idea. 

Go to Wine and Paint Night. Take a dance class. Learn to Kayak. Hike that trail you always wanted to try. Travel to a new location. This month plan one adventure just for you and go for it!

.08 Mental Health

All too often, we put on a mask to hide what is really going on inside and head off to take on the world. This month, I want you to look at yourself and do a quick mental health assessment. Are you burned out? Cracking at the edges? Is there an issue that you have been avoiding? 

This month I want you to commit to working on resolving any mental health concerns you have. Remember, we are creating new lasting habits. We can’t fix it all in a month but we can get started on resolving the issue. 

.09 Meal Prep

One of the last things I want do after a grueling day is cook dinner. I need meals to fly out of my kitchen and my husband can’t cook. For this reason, meal prepping is essential to happiness. The problem is it takes so long to do. 

This month, make meal prepping a priority. Create a time to plan out meals and snacks for each day, shop for the ingredients, and prepare meals. Your goal is to get everyone feed in 30 minutes or less. 

Stop by our Facebook page and leave the recipes to your favorite fast and easy dishes. 

A Word of Caution

June is YOU MATTER month not you stress month. There are 9 suggestions above about creating a habit over the course of this month to make you a priority. 

Pick only one of the 9 and work on that.  If there is something else that makes you feel like YOU MATTER then do that. 

What’s Next?

Our goal for June is to establish 1 new habit that proves that YOU MATTER. This is the first in a series of 12 changes that we are going to make together over the course of the next year. If you are already doing great on some of these 9 challenges, mark them off and pat yourself on the back for a job well done! 

In the book, you will discover the research behind the ideas list above, checklists, worksheets, and other goodies for your binder. I am so excited to take this journey with you.

Don’t forget to share your journey through Instagram #PassionateTeaching. I look forward to hearing about your journey this month.