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If you don’t like the road you’re walking,

start paving another one.

Dolly Parton

The Path to Passionate Teaching guides you away from overwhelm and helps you pave a new road to one where your career and passion can collide to create magic.  

Our goal at Daisies and Chalk is to help you become a passionate teacher.  We have all been that teacher. The one who is so overwhelmed that she does not know where to start on her to do list to make a difference. It seems like when one thing is checked off, twelve others jump on the list. It is a daunting, thankless task.
The more overwhelmed you are the less your students seem to learn. To catch up, you blow the dust off the textbooks and had the students an assignment. You see their eyes glaze over as they begin. You know they learn the most when they are engaged and excited but how do will you ever have the time to plan that type of lesson.
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My Path

I was a teacher haunted by the overwhelm and working 60 or more hours a week. Nothing I did seemed good enough. I felt like I was letting everyone down… my admin, colleagues, students, children, spouse, family, and friends. I didn’t have time for anything or anyone yet I seemed to be spinning my wheels in circles.

Something had to change. Throughout this website, you will read about my struggles and triumphs. How I was able to go from being haunted by overwhelm to only working 45 hours a week and STILL meeting all of my requirements. My to-do list had finally shrunk and I got to do the things I wanted to.


In Path to Passionate Teaching… I share with you  all of my secrets! All you have to do is sign up for my bi-weekly newsletter and you will have my secrets delivered straight to your inbox for free.

What’s the catch?

There is always a catch, isn’t there. In this case, you have to do the work. You will have to pave your own path and decided what will work for you and what won’t. I will send you lots of ideas in baby steps but you are going to be the one taking the steps.

That’s the catch!

9 Steps to Passionate Teaching

On the first of each month, you will receive an email with this month’s challenge. You will receive a free resources to add to your binder, tips to help you complete the task, examples of how I have completed the task, and access to a pin board with even more ideas.  Two weeks later, you will receive a follow-up email filled with encouragement and motivation to keep going with your task. You will discover how others are also completing this months task and more insider tips on why this task is important.

Here is an inside look at what we will be working on each month:

September - .01 Teacher Routines
As teachers we spend a lot of time developing the routines and procedures that our students use throughout the year. These procedures and routines help us manage curriculum, make the most of the time we have, and improves our classroom management. Where do we fail? We do not make routines and procedures for ourselves. This month, we will be focusing on how to set ourselves up for success.
October - .02 Fun & Games
We want our classrooms to be full of wonder and excitement but planning these lessons can seem overwhelming. Collecting materials, teaching collaborative skills, introducing a new game… it all takes a lot of time (and sometimes money) that we already seem short on. This month we will work on learning how to bring the magic back into our classrooms without breaking the bank or creating chaos.
November - .03 Review & Test
Reviewing materials covered and testing are a regular part of our classrooms. Most students dread this time and teachers are looking at the days they have to teach and the amount of curriculum left and wondering how to fit in one more thing. This month, we will be sharing reviewing when, how, and why we should test and review with our students.
December - .04 Party Time
Who doesn’t love a celebration? Classroom parties are something your students look forward to. Learn how to throw the best party ever without losing your mind.


January - .05 Goal Setting
We all set goals but do we really know what type of goals we should be setting? In January many are setting New Year Resolutions that will only be kept for the month. Learn how to create goals that will make a difference every day in your classroom.
February - .06 Evaluations
Evaluations happen. It is stress-inducing. I have witnessed teachers break out in tears knowing it is coming and fearing they aren’t good enough. Learn tips on how to rock that evaluation with confidence and poise.
March - .07 Paper Monsters
I believe paper multiplies when the lights go off at the end of a school day. Each day I return and the pile seems bigger than when I left the night before. Is this you? This month we will tame that paper monster and finally declare victory in our classrooms.
April - .08 Let's Get Organized
I hear the song “let’s get physical” every time I hear this title. I only know those 3 words but it always sings in my head. Does that happen to you? How many times have you heard that the organized teacher is the successful teacher? I have known several unorganized teachers who were successful but they were not happy and calm. They were always hunting for something. This month, we are going to focus on organizing a part of our classroom.
May - .09 Moving Day
Moving classrooms, moving schools, or preparing for summer. Either way… packing is going to take place. Learn how to pack and move in a way that will help you achieve success the next year.

Tools for Building Your Path

I strongly believe that lack of organization is a big part of why we are overwhelmed. To ensure you are properly organized for your journey, I recommend the following products (affiliate links). As you will see, I have purchased all of these items as well in order to ensure that I am prepared to guide you.

Path to Passionate Teaching Binder

I designed this binder to specifically match all of the items I will be sending to you in our monthly emails. Please make sure you download these freebies as they will only be available for that month.

Binder Basics

These are my favorite dividers; I have 2 sets in my binder. They are basically page protectors with tabs! They are big enough that when I use sheet protectors you can still see the tabs. LOVE!  What binder would be fun to use without a great set of colored pens. 

Now we are ready to get to work.

3 Steps for Summer Adventurers

Just because summer has arrived, doesn’t mean you have stopped being a teacher. Despite urban legend, teachers do work through the summer. Here at Daisies and Chalk, we support you year round. As such, we have created 3 summer challenges to help prepare you for the upcoming year.

June - .01 You Matter
Teachers are natural nurturers. We take care of everyone else and often time put our own needs off until later. This month is later. We will be focusing on ourselves and how to be our best selves.
July - .02 New Tools
New research, new techniques, and new technology. The learning never stops when you are a teacher as the world is always changing. This month, we are going to focus on a new tool and how we can use it to make ourselves an even better teacher next year.
August - .03 Help Wanted
Your help is wanted and needed. Your family and friends miss you. They have spent the entire year waiting for your attention. This month, we are going to learn how to create time for the things that matter outside of teaching.