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Learn how Good Morning Messages can revamp your classroom management and resolve behavioral issues (Part of the Intuitive Classroom Management Program).

Good Morning. Two simple words yet so powerful. Is saying Good Morning really important? Imagine for a minute if you went throughout your entire day without any saying a word to you? How would you feel? 


When you walk into a business we are often greeted. When we attend an interview we are greeted. When we go anywhere, there is usually someone there with a smile and a hello. The classroom should be no different.

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This post takes a deeper look at one of the aspects of the Intuitive Classroom Management. This is the method of classroom management that I use in my classroom and has been the secret to my success. It is a program that many other teachers are not using in their rooms. Please read the introductory post to better understand how this fits into our day. 

Harry Wong’s Research

In Harry & Rosemary Wong’s Book “The First Days of School,” they discuss the importance of standing at the door greeting each student every morning. Their research has found that by implementing this procedure, student engagement increases by 45%-72%!

We need that in our classrooms!

Harry Wong has set the standard for morning procedures that many districts across the country now require:

  • Teacher greets the your student at the door. 
  • Students go into the room and begin the morning procedure. 
  • Students complete a bell ringer or some other form of morning work. 
  • Teacher takes attendance, lunch count, etc. 
  • Students put away bell work.
  • Everyone moves onto the next thing.

But what if that greeting at the door wasn’t enough? What if your student needs more time to acclimate to the safe, loving environment that your classroom is? 

Journal of Positive Behavior Intervention

In February 2018, the Journal of Positive Behavioral Interventions released it’s latest research on how a positive greeting in the morning affects students. They discovered that student engagement increases 20% and decreased behavioral issues by 9%. This is why saying Good Morning to everyone is so important. 

The study goes onto say one should just not smile at the door but greet each person by name with a positive attitude. Remember how I said you are the weather vane. How you to need to anticipate each student’s arrival and prepare a place for him/her. THIS IS WHY!

Students who know they are wanted and belong do better. If you are wanted and have a sense of belonging at work, don’t you preform better? So do your students!


And More Research!

The Research on this is quite extensive and reaches way beyond Harry Wong and the Journal of Positive Behavioral Interventions. Check out this list of references for even more reasons why this has to be a part of your day no matter what you teach. This is even important for substitutes. 

The evidence for this method can go on and on. My point is…. it is a best practice, it should be done every day, the research supports it, and it is a vital component of the Intuitive Classroom Management Plan.

And don’t stop with greeting your students. Greet your colleagues, the administrative staff, the parents, and anyone else you meet. This is relationship building 101 and it is a quick, painless method with a huge punch. 

Why is a greeting not enough?

I have found out that a greeting at the door isn’t enough. That smile and warmth needs to extend beyond the door into the classroom. Students need time to acclimate to the new environment.


What if last night:

  • you went to bed without dinner as your family had none to feed you?
  • your little brother was sick and it made you late? 
  • you were evicted from your home?
  • your sister overdosed on drugs? 
  • your pet got out and is lost?
  • the tooth fairy forgot to visit?
  • you went to bed late as your brother won his game? 
  • you were too stressed over a test to sleep? 
  • its the anniversary of the death of a loved one? 
  • your parent left on a business trip and wouldn’t be back for a week? 
  • your longed for vacation is in 3 days and you are just too excited? 
  • your favorite shirt was dirty and now you were wearing the one you hated? 

All of these statements are true stories from children in my classroom. This… this and so many more reasons are why students are not ready after a handshake and a hello. 


It is why I have replaced bell work with a Good Morning Message. It is why I have thrown out other classroom management techniques and created Intuitive Classroom Management. I believe that the secret to my success in the classroom is this change.  Now it can be your secret as well.