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Daisies and Chalk specializes in helping teacher’s transform their lives from chaos to confidence with easy to use resources that bring the magic back into the classroom.
Welcome to Daisies and Chalk!

I am so excited that you are here. My name is Misty and I will be the one chatting with you most of the time. My team is around somewhere and basically help ensure that I can do all the things I want to do and not become overwhelmed.

Who Are You?

I am a certified elementary teacher, a mother of 5, and a wife. Teaching is more than a career it is something that I am passionate about and if you ask my family, they will probably tell you it is also my hobby. I do enjoy thunderstorms, hot cocoa, a good book, and hot, fresh baked cookies. Children laughing in the background, a cozy blanket, and cuddling up next to my husband on a crisp, fall day also ranks high on my list of things to do besides teach.

Let Me Tell You a Story

I taught private Kindergarten for a few years before having children. Then I home-schooled the oldest ones but I had always dreamed of being a teacher and so I did. I thought it was going to be so great. Everyone said I was a natural but…  teaching is hard.

I was overwhelmed, drowning, and crying. I felt like I was failing everyone. My life was in chaos. I spent my days teaching the curriculum just as I was taught to, just as my administrators demanded saying that I will see results if only I keep chugging along. I chugged. I jived. I screamed I think I can, I think I can, and I ran at that brick wall. I always go the same result… chaos.

It took the worst day of my teaching career to realize that all the advice I had been given, all the books I have read, all the notes I carefully took from class… were wrong. I finally found the secret to take my life from chaos to confidence.

Why Should I Follow You?

Daisies and Chalk is my living portfolio. This is where I share my secrets on how to be successful in and out of the classroom. This site was specifically designed to bring you the best of my former site with a better user experience and even more resources.

What Information Can I Find?

The information on this site is written for elementary teachers. Particularly, those who teach grades 3-5. This is where most of my experience has been. You may find the information beneficial for additional grade levels. My daughter uses many of these techniques in her Kindergarten classroom with great success.
Classroom Basics

Intuitive Classroom Management is my secret to success. It uses Good Morning Messages as a basis for establishing a student-centered classroom that is easy to manage. Our 9 Classroom Basics will help you manage difficult students, set tone for the day, create routines and procedures, decorate your classroom and so much more.

Reading, Writing, and Grammar… you will find all of our thoughts, resources, and recommendations in our ELA portion of our website. As always, everything we do will meet Common Core State Standards.

Math is a skill that we all agree is important but most people don’t enjoy. Learn how to make math meaningful and fun. Read our post on why math is important and pick up the freebie 9 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Math. 

You will find all of our thoughts, resources, and recommendations in our Science portion of our website. As always, everything we do will meet Common Core State Standards.

Want to know why we teach History rather than Social Studies? Read our Post 9 Things History Will Teach You. It will also give you a brief history of how History became Social Studies and is now slowly disappearing.

Our Passports to History are some of our most popular products. Each passport is a complete mini lesson that helps you easily organize your students notes. It works with any curriculum and interactive student notebooks. In addition, look for our bulletin board displays and cooperative game packages to bring the entire topic to life.


I love books and to read! I am always looking for another good book to read or share with my class. Throughout this site, you will find my list of top 9 books to read on any given topic. Looking for a specific topic but can’t find it? Drop me a note! I will do the research and get you a list.

Using a book to launch a lesson is one of my favorite hooks. It is simple, easy and my students love it. Discover the latest statistics on reading, get a freebie on 9 Ways to Help Support Reading at Home, and learn the reasons why everyone needs to read or be read to no matter their age!

Integrating Technology into education is essential for the world that we live in. Many classrooms struggle in this area as there is a lack of technology in our schools or teachers just don’t know where to begin. We are here to help!
Professional Resources

As teachers we are continually learning  and are required to complete professional development to stay certified and current with the latest research and techniques. Learn how to plan your professional development success with these 9 tips and resources for in and out of the classroom.

Join the Quest

Legend has it there is a magical place where children are excited to learn and teacher’s passion overflows. Each month we will send you a key to the quest along with free resources and insider tips.